Indigenous Employment & Opportunities

At Select Industrial, we extend our deep respect to the Traditional Custodians of the lands where we operate, particularly in remote areas where our work often intersects with Indigenous communities. We honour the profound connection these communities have to their ancestral lands and waters, recognising their vibrant cultural heritage and historical narratives. This respect is fundamental to our operations and mirrors our commitment to valuing and integrating Indigenous cultures within our business ethos.

Our programme is tailored to create significant opportunities for Indigenous employment and advancement within the industrial electrical industry. Acknowledging the unique challenges and opportunities presented by remote fieldwork we are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. This includes offering apprenticeships, tailored training, development, and support designed for Indigenous job seekers and employees, focusing on the specific skills needed for the industrial electrical sector.

Indigenous Employment at Select Industrial

Promoting Indigenous Employment in the Electrical Industry

Recognising the critical role of the industrial electrical industry in both urban and remote areas, our programme is geared towards empowering Indigenous Australians to build successful careers in this sector. We aim to provide substantial employment and advancement opportunities, particularly in remote field work where our interactions with Indigenous communities are most prevalent.

Industrial Electrical Careers and Apprenticeships

Our programme focuses on attracting, training, and retaining Indigenous talent in the industrial electrical industry, offering a range of different Career Opportunities in the Electrical Industry for professional growth in both urban and remote settings. Apprenticeship opportunities are central to our strategy, combining practical, on-the-job training in remote fieldwork with theoretical learning.

In-House, Remote and Hybrid Opportunities Available

At Select Industrial, we are proud to offer a wide range of job opportunities both at our Winnellie base in Darwin and across remote locations in Northern Australia.

In Winnellie, our in-house team benefits from a dynamic and supportive work environment. Here, we focus on the full spectrum of the industrial electrical sector, from design and development to operations and management. Indigenous employees have the opportunity to engage in various roles, ranging from technical positions to administrative and leadership roles, all while being part of a vibrant and culturally diverse team.

For those interested in fieldwork, Select Industrial offers extensive opportunities to work on remote projects. These roles are critical for our operations and provide hands-on experience in unique and challenging environments. Working in remote areas not only allows our employees to develop specialised skills but also offers the chance to engage directly with Indigenous communities, facilitating mutual learning and cultural exchange.

Tailored Training and Development for Remote Electrical Work

We understand the unique needs of Indigenous job seekers in remote areas. Our programme offers training and development specifically tailored to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed for success in remote industrial electrical work. This includes hands-on experience in challenging field conditions, mentorship, and guidance from seasoned professionals experienced in remote operations.

Career Advancement and Community Engagement

Our commitment to career advancement includes clear progression paths within Select Industrial, further training opportunities, and potential leadership roles, particularly in projects involving remote and Indigenous communities. We actively engage with these communities to ensure our programme is responsive to their needs and aspirations, underlining our commitment to creating meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities.

Prioritising Indigenous Subcontractors for Projects

As part of the Renko Group, Select Industrial prioritises collaborations with Indigenous subcontractors, especially for projects and fieldwork that include operating in remote areas. These partnerships are crucial for mutual growth and community empowerment, reflecting our shared commitment to respecting and valuing Indigenous cultural heritage.

Our approach involves building sustainable, long-term relationships that go beyond business transactions, aiming to make a real impact in remote communities and contribute to the broader economic empowerment of Indigenous Australians and communities across Northern Australia.

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